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What I Learned at Ray Higdon’s Prospecting and Recruiting Summit 2017

WOW my head is still spinning from all the golden nuggets that were spewed out this past weekend at Ray's event!

If you have never attended one of his events you are SO MISSING OUT!

Hell if you have never attended ANY event, you are SO MISSING OUT!

In any profession training is so very important for several reasons but the most important reason I can think of is it just makes you a better person.

For those in network marketing- events and training are essential if we want to grow our business!

For me attending events and trainings are my jam. I LOVE TO LEARN.

I consider myself a perpetual learner, hence three degrees. LOL

Because I am a perpetual learner it has kind of gotten in the way of me implementing what I learn, which if you follow Ray you know he is all about I.L.T.- Invest, Learn, Teach.

I got the Invest, Learn part down pat, where I miss the mark is teaching and implementing what I have learned. lol

Which is kind of weird seeing how as far back as I can remember all I really wanted to be WAS a teacher, so WTH is up with that?! You'd think I'd be teaching my butt off!

One of the first things Ray said on day 1 was "You Can't Educate Yourself Enough to Change Your Habits." If that statement didn't just hit me right between the eyes!

I didn't realize until those words came out of his mouth that that was EXACTLY what I have been trying to do for the past 2 years.


Speaking of "ah ha" moments - We had some amazing speakers throwing out some juicy stuff.

Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, authors of "Go For No! Yes is the Destination. No is How You Get There" and "Go For No! for Network Marketing" were the first speakers up.

Richard told about how he asked Andrea every day for over a year to marry him and every day for over a year she told him no. Talk about going for no! LOL

She did finally say yes. So just proves that if you hear no enough times eventually you will hear a yes.

Simon Chan was awesome! I got 3 major takeways from him:

1) You are the messenger, NOT the message. Sale the trailer, NOT the movie.

In other words, let your tools do all the talking for you. Don't verbally vomit on people. The less you say the better!

2) People need YOU, YOU don't need them.

How very true. It took me awhile to learn this lesson, but once I did I have become much more selective as to who I let on my team.

The reality is you don't nor do you need to work with everyone you prospect. Learn to be selective and it will save you a lot of time and hair pulling in the long run.

3) REJECT THEM before they REJECT YOU!

Awe how refreshing, huh?! Always, always have posture and keep control over the situation. As soon as you crumble like a cracker (a little Ray aphorism) you're a gonner and your prospect has you right where they want you.

Jessica Higdon was well what can I say she's the Queen of Social Media so of course we learned a few ninja tricks on how to prospect on social media and what not to do on social media.

What you DON'T want to do is:

Don't spam your links and products. Honestly, do you really think anyone is paying attention? Sorry to burst your bubble buttercup but they aren't. They scroll passed that crap as quick as possible and if you do it often enough you will lose some friends and family members.

Don't be hypee. ​You don't have to hype the profession or tell people how easy it is or how much money they will make. Truth is this profession is damn hard and unless you work your butt off you most likely will never ever make any money. Being hypee and promising people things you know dang well are not true is only setting someone up for failure.  Be honest with people, they will appreciate it later!

Don't do business on your personal page. Not only do your friends and family not like seeing your daily posts of "Buy this," "Join me" posts but according to Facebooks terms and conditions you are not allowed to do business on your personal page and they will ban you from EVER using their site again when they catch you doing it.

Don't brand yourself as your company. Simply put you are not your company. Your momma and daddy thought long and hard to give you the name that is on your birth certificate - use it, be proud of it.

If you'd like to learn more about how to brand yourself check out my blog post "5 Steps to Your Personal Branding Identity" ​

What you DO want to do:

Build relationships and educate your audience.

It's called Social Media for a reason. We are supposed to be social and build friendships. Spamming people with your links and product pictures is not building relationships; it's just plain annoying and making people run as far away from you as they can.

Educate your audience on your products. Post things like "5 Ingredients You Should Look for In Anti-Aging Product" or "5 Foods You Should Eat to Not Gain Weight." Post recipes of your favorite protein shake without mentioning your awesome protein shake product.

It's not rocket science but it is just plain lazy to just post pictures and links.

Some of the other amazing speakers were Cesar Rodrigues. He talked about overcoming objections and gave us 8 Ways to Overcome Fear and Rejection.

To connect with Cesar go to www.cesarlrodriguez.com

Nicola Jackson, well she's just a hoot. My 3 major takeaways I got from her were:

1) Success is NOT Synonymous to Perfection.

2) I Get Paid to Practice.

3) You Have to Remain Humble to Keep From Being Humbled.

You can find Nicola at www.successwithnicola.com

Robert Hollis. Now this is the guy I was most excited to hear. I knew he would bring it and he did! He gave us his 8 Steps to a Perfect Presentation, which if done properly will answer "What is the Desired Outcome" "Handles All Objections" Connects With Every Personality" Inspires People Into Action" and "Duplicates."

If you want to learn more about Robert Hollis or get your hands on his Perfect presentation you can go to www.lifemechanic.com

Shh don't tell anyone, but Robert and I are Facebook buddies now. You know what Jim Rohn use to say "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Well I got one Millionaire I'm buddies with, 4 more to go! 😉

Diane Hochman, well what can I say about her except she is the Queen of Email Marketing. The woman is a genius and has built her a nice little following through email marketing.

You can find Diane at www.dianehochman.com

Angel Fletcher is a prospecting machine. This woman talks to anyone and everyone and has some pretty awesome techniques on how to get peoples information.

One that comes to mind that she mentioned was she would print out a bunch of slips she called "Drawing Slips." On the slips would be a place for name, email address and phone number with 3 questions. Example questions could be, "Do you want to lose weight?" "What Methods Have You Tried in the Past to Lose Weight? "Would You Like To Earn Extra Money"

Then she'd hand them to people and say "You look like someone that likes Free Stuff. I'm giving away X and if you'd like to be in my drawing just fill this slip of paper out and I will enter you in my next drawing." BAM, now she has the person's contact info and she can give them a call. Pretty slick if you think about it. J

And last but certainly not least Ray Higdon himself spoke all 3 days.

The first day he spoke about mindset and how important it is to work as much on your mindset as it is on your business.

The second day he spoke about closing. A couple of things he said were pretty powerful:

1) If you get better at Closing ALL Your Activity is More Profitable.

2) No One's Life Ever Changed Because You Prospected Them. You Can Only change Someone's Life if They Are On Your Team.

3) You Don't Have to be Pushy. Learn to be Pulley.

The third day he spoke about having a Daily Method of Operation which consists of daily goals that will challenge you, reaching out to a team mate, 30 minutes of self-development, reach out to someone on your chicken list and putting out a piece of content.

Throughout the 3 days Ray recommended a few books for our reading pleasure:

The Obstacle is the Way, by Ryan Holiday

Endless Referrals, by Bob Burg

Psycho-Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz

So in short (LOL) it was an awesome 3 days and I learned a lot!

Ray's next event is his Top Earner Academy event September 22-24, 2017 which I will be attending and hear that if you are a bit confused as to how to put all the pieces of the network marketing puzzle together than this is the event for you.

I hope you enjoyed my recap of the Prospecting and Recruiting Summit, if so please drop me a comment and share with anyone you know could get value.

Your Entrepreneur Friend,


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