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MLM Recruiting: You Must Have Posture

Could your MLM recruiting efforts be lacking posture?

I’m not referring to posture as in sitting up straight with your shoulders back. I’m talking about posture as in believing in what you have to offer is the next best thing to sliced bread and you do not need acceptance or approval from anyone else to know what you have can change a lot of lives.

I’m going to use Ray Higdon’s analogy of electricity here to make my point.  Let’s say someone comes to you and says, “Hey I googled electricity and I found out we have been scammed. Electricity isn’t even real. It’s a scam!” Now would you seriously believe them? Of course not, you know electricity is real.  

So why is it when you present your network marketing opportunity to someone that you wholeheartedly believe in, you turn into a shrinking violet if someone says “Oh that’s a scam.” or “Oh network marketing? That’s a pyramid scheme!” or any other negative thing about what you are offering them.

MLM Recruiting Without Posture…

If you when you’re doing your mlm recruiting and asking yourself these questions…

“What do I say if someone refuses to watch my video?”

 “What if they keep asking “What is it?”

“What if a prospect is being really negative?”

Then you need to posture up! These types of concerns never enter the mind of someone who has posture because they know what they have is the bomb dot com and have adopted the attitude of “So what. Who cares. Next.”

The Biggest Mistake Non-Postured Network Marketers Make

When MLM recruiting the number one mistake non-postured network marketers make is they are addicted to the outcome. They believe they have to close everyone they talk to about their opportunity or at least 3 out of 10 people.

Postured network marketers realize it is about QUALIFYING their prospects not begging them to join.  Always remember, whoever you recruit on your team you will have to work with and attend events with – posture up and choose wisely!

Have Posture When MLM Recruiting

First, get over the addiction to the outcome. Feel the POWER of not being addicted to the outcome. 

I have made numerous cold calls and yes at first when someone told me ‘no’ or they were rude it took the air out of my sails, but after about 10 calls I got over being addicted to the outcome. I was going for 20 ‘no’s’ anyway, so I postured up and actually celebrated the no’s.

Remember, who you recruit to be on you team you are stuck with – choose wisely.

Secondly, stop focusing on closing everyone that comes within a 3ft radius. This is the worst thing in my opinion network marketing companies have taught their distributors.

Again, if you recruit JUST anybody, remember you have these people on your team, either short term or long term and you have to work with them and attend events with them.

Instead recruit people you want to work with. People that are more like you. People that want to have fun, have energy, want to actually build a business and have a good attitude.

Third, realize everyone has different agendas. Let’s be real here, network marketing is not for everyone. Not everyone what’s to a build a business or has the same goals as you do, so stop trying to “talk” people into joining your business.

Learn to be okay with rejection. I’ll guarantee that any top earner in your company has been rejected plenty of times.  It’s part of the network marketing DNA. Get use to it and embrace it.

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P.s. If you’d like to learn more about posturing and recruiting Ray Higdon has an awesome training on just these subjects. In Ray’s training “Straight Talk on Recruiting: 7 Steps To Recruit More Reps Into Your Network Marketing Company” he reveals the meat and potatoes of what he did daily to become the top earner in his company.

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Carlie - January 31, 2017 Reply

Agree! Especially the part about being addicted to the outcome and being selective about who you recruit (since you’ll have to work with them). Plus, I think you’ve got to be really careful how you behave on social media (adding me to your “VIP group” without my permission is one of my pet peeves).

    SucceedWithDonna - February 22, 2017 Reply

    I agree Carlie. I get that people want people to be a part of their group but just as in real life, don’t assume everyone wants to be a part of it. lol

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