MLM Closing Script – Six Proven Questions to Close Any Prospect – Donna Wildman

MLM Closing Script – Six Proven Questions to Close Any Prospect


Would like to be able to close more of your prospects without having to practically beg them to join you?

Well you’re in luck because I have a proven MLM Closing Script that you can use to effectively close even the toughest prospect!

MLM Closing Script – Understand You Have To Play On Emotions

First you have to understand that people buy based on emotion. Think about the last impulse buy you made or when you signed up with your company.

Did you buy your last purchase because you saw it and wanted it?

Did you give it much thought before you plunked down your hard earned cash?

Probably not.

I am for the most part an impulse buyer for sure. If I see something I really like I buy it and think later that maybe I really didn’t need it, but dang it was so cute. ha ha

Think about when you joined your current company. Did your sponsor have to do some smooth talking to get you to join or did you join because you liked the products/service and saw an opportunity to have a better life?

For me when I saw the presentation for my company I loved the idea of being able to travel at wholesale prices all over the world, saving money, earning money to travel by shopping online (which I did anyhow but no one was giving me money to put toward travel), staying in 4 and 5 star resorts and hotels, being treated like the queen that I am (haha), and making a living doing it. For me it was no brainer! I really didn’t give it much thought. I saw it, I liked it, I bought it

In fact, here is a statistic to drive my point: According to CBSMoneyWatch, “Americans love to make snap decisions when they’re shopping, and, to a lesser extent, browsing in online retailers. Often, these unplanned purchases aren’t even for small items, given that a new study from has found that one out of five Americans report having spent more than $1,000 on an impulse buy.”

WOWSER, right?!

MLM Script – Six Proven Questions to Get a Close

Although, some people you have to play on their emotions to get them to do what you want. (wink, wink). So the next time you show your company presentation to a prospect ask these 6 questions by Simon Chan of MLM Nation:

Make sure to allow the prospect to fully answer each question before moving on to the next one and remember the acronym W.A.I.T (Why am I talking), i.e., after you ask the question you then stop talking and listen to your prospect.

  1. What did you like best about what you saw?
  2. Do you see yourself making little money or BIG money in this business?
  3. What does BIG money mean to you?
  4. What would you do with that money?
  5. At your current job how long would it take you to earn that money?

This question is great because your prospect now realizes he/she can never make that kind of money working his/her job.

You then follow with

  1. Obviously, this business is a much better option. Let’s get started now. We just need to confirm some information.

Say it with confidence and get ready to sign your next prospect!

***The key to question #5 is this makes your prospect realize that MLM is the better option to working a job that is getting them nowhere in life and ties it back it to question #4. 

Make sure to practice these questions a few dozen times so you get the tone and delivery down. You don’t want to sound scripted, you want to sound sincere.

MLM Scripts – Ready For More

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Nancy Loehr - January 9, 2017 Reply

Good questions in your closing script Donna. Thanks for sharing

    Donna Wildman - January 11, 2017 Reply

    Thanks Nancy! It’s all about getting your prospect to dream and see themselves in another light. 🙂

Keren Haim - January 10, 2017 Reply

I like the flow of your questioning tips! Great post Donna!

Sam - January 10, 2017 Reply

thanks for the tips, its all about posture and how you deliver it at teh end of the day

Mike Marko - January 10, 2017 Reply

Great article! I love the summary and simplicity of your explanation per questions. We need more of this informative mediums to boost our knowledge about internet marketing. Thanks!

Vasilis - January 12, 2017 Reply

Cool closing questions! All of them eliciting the core desire of the prospect.

Great work Donna! (the Donna? 🙂 )

STEVEN C KRIVDA - January 16, 2017 Reply

Great post Donna.
Impulse buying up to $1,000, amazing!

tmlovelace - January 23, 2017 Reply

Great questions to close, donna. A good way to see if the prospect is someone who is serious about the business. 🙂

    Donna Wildman - January 26, 2017 Reply

    Thanks Theresa! Too many people in our profession are more concerned about “getting” people, not realizing once they do they have to work with these people.

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