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Law of Attraction and Network Marketing


Law of Attraction plays a big role in the success of your Network Marketing business, believe it or not. If you are struggling in your network marketing business or not getting the results you want it could be you are sending the wrong vibes out into the universe.

 Law of Attraction simply put it means ‘like attracts like.’  Meaning whether you realize it or not your thoughts and actions (be it negative or positive) bring either negative or positive results into your life.

A key part of Law of Attraction is where you place your focus. If you are always focusing on the negative, you will attract negative into your life. If you focus on positive; positive will come into your life. Therefore, the Law of Attraction encourages you to see you have the power to control your future, shaping it the way you want.

How To Use Law of Attraction

Using Law of Attraction to manifest what it is you want is quite simple actually. When you master these 3 segments regarding your thoughts you will be well on your way to having what you want in life.  

1. Become More Mindful of Your Thoughts. Become more attentive to underlying negativity and start fighting it with beliefs and feelings that better reflect on positive thoughts.

If you are a Negative Nelly, always thinking, saying, or believing you can’t afford something, you don’t deserve to be successful, you’re jealous of those around you that are successful, well my friend you are setting yourself for failure.

Instead choose to focus your attention on all the things you do want. You want a successful business; see yourself running a successful business. You want more money; see yourself with more money.

2. Believe You Deserve What You Want. Changing your thought process is the first step, which is half the battle, but you have to truly believe you deserve what you want.

Believe you deserve to have a successful business because the products, service or training is helpful to others.

Believe you deserve to have money so you can do great things with that money to help others.

Believe you deserve to live the life of your dreams.

3. Expect That You Deserve What You Want. This can be the hardest for most people. Expect that what you want you already have. For example, you want a successful business; visualize yourself with a huge team. You want more money; visualize yourself with more money and the people you are helping because of it.

The law of attraction will not respond to spoken words only; you must  believe, have faith and expect that you will succeed.  


Simple Law Of Attraction Exercise

Take a sheet of paper; write at the top “What I Want” and “Believe”

Under “What I Want” write down everything you want. Is it health, is it money, is it a car, is it a house, whatever it is write it down.  Then write down ‘why you want it.’ Maybe you want to be successful in network marketing because you know you can help people all over the world to live the lives they deserve.

Under “Believe” write down why you believe you will have what you want. Maybe because you believe your purpose in life is to help people.

Then ‘expect’ that what you want is coming to you. You have to visualize what you want. If you want to hit the top ranks of your company start visualizing yourself walking across the stage getting that big fat bonus check. You want that fancy car your company gives away; go to the dealership and test drive the car. See yourself helping others with all the money you have made. Once you start forcing your vision to see what you want coming into your life those things will start to appear.

Disclaimer About Law of Attraction

This does not however mean you can just sit around all day like Buddha with your legs crossed visualizing what you want and it will magically come to you. You still need to be prospecting and doing the things in your business you know you need to be doing.

If building our businesses were as easy as just “thinking” about it we would all be top earners in our company’s!

I hope you found value, if so please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear your “thoughts.”

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