How Your Vision is Stronger Than Your ’Why‘ – Donna Wildman

How Your Vision is Stronger Than Your ’Why‘

I am sure if you are in network marketing you have heard “You need a WHY that makes you CRY.”

Today I’d like to share with why I believe a VISION is more important.

WHY a ’WHY‘ is Not Good Enough

Having a ’why‘ is important. It can keep you motivated; however it is a short term dream.

As soon as your ’why‘ becomes reality than what?

You have to reinvent another ’why‘ to keep you going and get you to the next goal, right?

Most of the time your ’why‘ will change over time.

The ’why‘ you started out with when you first signed up in your network marketing company chances are will not be your ‘why’ in 2,3,4,5 yrs. from now.

If you think back to when you first started in network marketing is your ’Why‘ still the same? Perhaps, but I bet once you reach your goal your ’Why‘ will change.

Why is a Vision Better

Your vision is YOUR vision, not just something that sounds great.

It has the ability to push you to levels you want to be.

A vision is who you want to become and how do you want to be known.

For example here is mine, of course not detailed:

I want to be someone of value.

I want walk into a room and be respected, not just liked.

I want to work with powerful and accountable people.

I want to make a contribution to the world.

Oh and I also want a Rolls Royce. 😉

A lot of people don’t SEE themselves in a better position than where they are right now, but you have to SEE yourself in a better situation than you are right now WITHOUT justifying where you are.

For example, you can’t use non-serving statements such as:

“I lost my life savings so I can’t…”  

“I lost my job…”

“I had a crappy childhood…”

Believe me someone has had it a lot hard than you on this earth!

“But you don’t understand…”

“Easy for him/her to say…”

“It isn’t working…”

“I don’t have the money…”

These are all non-serving statements that will never get you to top earner status, if that is where you want to be.

Non-serving words are just as bad. Words such as:

Frustrated – change it to “what do I really want?”

Overwhelmed – change it to “I have a lot on my plate, what do I tackle first?”

Disappointed – Try thinking about what you are grateful for instead.

Confused – means you really just want attention. Try instead saying “I really want to learn this and I am going to focus until I figure it out.

Non-serving statement and non-serving words are just cop outs you use because you don’t believe enough in yourself and see yourself as worthy.

A vision however is what YOU WANT and its okay to be unrealistic. Be SUPER unrealistic. It’s your life, your dreams, your desires and your vision.

Drafting Your Vision

Think about these questions when you sit down to write your vision:

How will the attainment of those goals make you feel?

How will others view you?

What will you see through your eyes?

What is the benefit, then, what is the benefit of the benefit?

The last question trips people up a bit, let me explain: If you think about weight loss; What are the benefits of weight loss? You look better, feel better. So the benefit of the benefit could be when you see an ex and they say “WOW, you’re looking great!” Well the benefit of the benefit of weight loss is not only do you feel good but the ex is now thinking “Dang I screwed up. She/he looks awesome.” and you now have the benefit of losing weight and making your ex envious. lol

Be Very Specific with Your Vision Statement

When writing your vision you have to get VERY specific. For example, say you want a new car. What kind of car? How does that car handle on the roads? What color is it? Where will you drive to? Does it have a sunroof/moonroof or is it a convertible? Who will see you driving this beauty and what will they be saying to themselves? I’d even take it one step further and go to the dealership and actually drive your dream car.

Do you get how a vision can be so much more powerful than a ’Why‘?

Once you write your vision down don’t just tuck it away somewhere. Keep it in a place you will see it daily. Read it. Dream about the day your vision becomes reality. SEE yourself in that reality.

I hope this helped and I would love to read your vision when you write it. You can email me at

Your Entrepreneur Friend,

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