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Uncovering 5 Misconceptions of Network Marketing

Have you ever been approached by someone in a Network Marketing company asking you to try their product and/or join their business and brushed them off because you have a stigma about Network Marketing? Well maybe I can clear some misconceptions up for you. Disclaimer: Yes I am in a Multi-Level (MLM) company, HOWEVER I […]

10 Tips On Building A Strong Network Marketing Team

​You may be like me and got into network marketing because you saw the potential to make a nice living by building a strong network marketing team, offering a service or product that you were passionate about. Unfortunately building a strong network marketing team isn’t always easy. I get ask the question all the time, […]

7 Powerful Ways to Add Thousands to your List and Master the MLM “Numbers Game”

In MLM, it’s not what you know, or even who you know. It’s actually more about who knows you. If you’re at all serious, you’ve got a list of subscribers to your blog, an RSS feed, an email newsletter or other services. Whether 10 you’ve got just 10 people on your list or 10,000, the object of the game is to build your list! After all, you’ve probably heard a thousand times…

MLM Recruiting: You Must Have Posture

Could your MLM recruiting efforts be lacking posture? I’m not referring to posture as in sitting up straight with your shoulders back. I’m talking about posture as in believing in what you have to offer is the next best thing to sliced bread and you do not need acceptance or approval from anyone else to […]

10 Success Quotes For Inspiration

  I love success quotes! In fact my Instagram account and Facebook personal page is full of them. It’s not just that I love them so much and they inspire me but I love inspiring others more with success quotes. My 10 Favorite Success Quotes The first one is my ultimate favorite quote. It reminds […]

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