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5 Steps to Your Personal Brand Identity

  Branding has been something corporations have done for eons.  When you think Coca-Cola your mind immediately brings up an image of a coke bottle and the famous red lettering.  Think Nike and your mind conjured up the famous check-mark and their slogan “Just Do It.”

Why Should I Blog?

  Why should I blog? is a question that is ask time and again. A lot of people do not see the importance in blogging. Well there are many benefits of blogging; below are four of my best reasons.  You can check out how to build a blog in 5 minutes here. Blogging can help […]

MLM Attraction Marketing Revealed

MLM attraction marketing is an Internet phenomenon which has been coming under the focus to a skyrocketing extent in the last few years. Before then, Web marketing had followed a reasonably foreseeable pattern, with marketing pros all making an attempt to chase customers to buy their products or subscribe to the services they were promoting on their company sites.