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3 Things To Consider Before You Hire A Coach

Do you feel like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle and wonder if you need to hire a coach?

Well it depends on a few things. I personally think if you have no up line support or you are doing everything you know to do but yet your business just isn’t growing; you may need to hire a network marketing coach.

There are a few things you must first ask yourself before seeking a coach:

*Are you building your business seriously or treating it like a hobby?

*How big are your goals?

*How much time do you have to allocate to building your business and on your learning curve?

*Are you coachable?

*Are you motivated?

Before you hire a coach consider these 3 things first…

1. Establish clear goals. Consider what it is you really want to accomplish in your network marketing business. Have you sat down and written out clear goals for your business? If not, you need to do that first.

Coaches typically are not hand holders. They want you to have clear goals in mind. This helps them to help you more efficiently; otherwise later down the road you may say that the coach didn’t help you because you didn’t reach your goals. Having a list of clear goals gives you and your coach something to work towards.

I would also add timeframes for when you want to accomplish these goals. And just a word to the wise; most coaches won’t take you as a client unless you have clear goals set.

2. What are you hoping to get from coaching. Ask yourself what you are expecting to get from a coach? Coaches are not therapist, so if you are looking for a coach to help you with your personal issues I suggest seeking a therapist…I joke, but not really. 

Network marketing coaches will help you scale your business and to get you on the right track. However, before you sink your hard earned money into a coach please make sure that building a network marketing business is really want you want to do. No sense in wasting your time and money on something you really aren’t sure you want to do.

3. You want better results. Are you currently getting results but feel like you can do better? Ok now we are getting somewhere. If you answered yes, then it’s time to hire a network marketing coach. This means you are motivated and ready to get to work! Coaches aren’t motivators; they are here to help you improve your work performance by asking questions to help you learn quickly what you need to learn. You don’t know what you don’t know.

It does help if you have done some due diligence on your own and have learned some network marketing techniques. You don’t want to hire a coach to teach you Network Marketing 101; that would be another waste of time and money.

Just a word to the wise: Top earners spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on coaching every year, not because they don’t know how to scale their business or they need someone to motivate them or hold their hand; they hire coaches because they want to take their businesses to the next level.

If You Think You Need To Hire A Coach…

If you have done everything you know to do but still feel like you are missing a piece the puzzle, I can help!

I can help you set your goals…

I can help you utilize social media and the Internet to expand your business…

I can review what you are doing now and offer suggestions on how to improve…

I can help you with personal development…

and more…

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