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Why Should I Blog?


Why should I blog? is a question that is ask time and again. A lot of people do not see the importance in blogging. Well there are many benefits of blogging; below are four of my best reasons.  You can check out how to build a blog in 5 minutes here.

  1. Blogging can help you build your brand yourself and become a credible authority in your niche market – it positions you as a leader with almost instant credibility. Plus it is a great way to build trust online. People become familiar with you, especially if you add a video, which builds the know, like and trust factor. Always remember, people buy from people.
  2. Increases lead generation – the easiest way to get people to buy is by taking them through a pre-sale process. To do that you need to tell them about your products or services, what better way to do that but through blogging. By talking about your products and/or services you can get people to opt in to a sales page because now they have become educated.
  3. To monetize – You can set up a store on your blog to showcase your products or services. You can have people sign-up to your home business on your blog. It is important to note here that you answer any questions your readers have, this let’s your readers know that you care.
  4. Bloggers are learners – We all read other people’s blog to learn about something thus giving us content for our blog’s. Always keep in mind Ray Higdon’s famous phrase, “invest, learn, teach (I.L.T).” Invest in yourself to learn something to teach to others.

So now you might be asking “where do I find content?”

First, you have to come up with a concept. You can get ideas from a webinar you have watched, questions people have ask you, or maybe something you are reading. You can do a blog post on an article in a publication that is conducive to your market niche.

Second, you can go to the free google keyword planner tool. You will need to have a AdWords account set up, it’s free and easy to do. You can then type in some phrases to see if there is any traffic for your subject. Look at 3-4 keywords to determine the best keyword(s) you should use in your title and article. Essentially what this does is it tells you what people are searching for.

Third, DON”T SET IT AND FORGET IT! You need to have as many eyeballs as possible reading your blog. One good way is to join blogging forums or blogging Facebook groups. I am in a few blogging groups on Facebook; it is a good way to share your blog posts to get other people reading them.

Or if you want to learn more about blogging you can CLICK HERE to learn how to build a blog in 5 minutes.

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